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Mezzanines and Canopies are the most economical and expedient way of increasing space, productivity, and
control when expansion is necessary. Our mezzanines and canopies are engineered for durability and fabricated
from heavy structural components for long service life. Our engineers can provide the widest possible range of
designs to meet the most challenging requirements. The projects shown here are but a small sample of what is
Mezzanine / Canopy
Overhead canopies are available from 25 to 4000
square feet and larger, in any configuration
desired. Canopy heights, skirts, and wall
configurations are all optional.

Office Space  - No Mezzanine
Office Space - With Mezzanine - Big Difference!
This BEFORE and AFTER shows how the addition of a mezzanine and elevated
engineering office have greatly enhanced space utilization. Let our specialists
assist you in a design to better utilize your current facilities.
Mezzanine Office space
Mezzanines can be fitted with elevated production
offices, secure storage areas and assembly facilities.

Elevated Office
This facility incorporates a mezzanine, elevated
office, and secure storage. Any combination of
workspace, production facilities, and storage
bays can be configured to meet your needs.

This mezzanine gave a 10,000 square foot
manufacturing facility 8,000 square feet of extra
space in four weeks, all at one tenth the cost of
new construction.

Mezzanine Storage Space
Mezzanines can be designed and constructed to handle anything from foot traffic to high density storage or manufacturing equipment.

Mezzanine platform
          An 1800 square foot mezzanine with stairs
          doubles the capacity of this machine shop.


Processing plant Mezzanine Structure for Tank Storage
This processing plant utilizes a combination mezzanine and overhead canopy to increase processing capacity without increasing the space requirement.




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