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We can custom design a Hazmat Storage Building to meet your very specific needs. Modular systems are available to create a building with no maximum size restraints. Please see below some custom buildings we have designed and manufactured.


This structure was engineered to house a paint reactor. The height of the door made it almost impossible to get the reactor into the hazmat building, and then get the hazmat building into a lab where it was used. Our solution was a structure with a penthouse that rolls away and a removable cross-member to allow the reactor to be inserted vertically. When in place, the reactor cleared the rolling penthouse by 1.5 inches. All of this was done while maintaining a 4 Hour, Bidirectional Fire Rating. This design illustrates our years of experience and capabilities.  

The above structure stands in the sun in Yuma, Arizona and must maintain 60 degrees F in order to keep the unstable reactives safe. The unit required heat and cooling. Dimensions being critical, the explosion relief panel was engineered into the roof to conserve space. A cover plate was added to keep debris from falling on the panel, and to shield the refrigeration system from the 120 degree F heat in direct sun.

The hazmat building shown here is equipped with an explosion proof cooling unit that maintains 38 degrees F.



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